Wednesday, 16 June 2010

LOTS OF NEWS FROM THE GOOD BREW NEWS: Theyre logging Old Growth Forests : Art and Sustainability : Celebration

If you've been anywhere near Healesville of late you would have seen heaps of these......
These bastards keep driving past the brewery and they are fully laden with Old Growth...

VicForests are using the aftermath of the tragic 2009 fires, to ramp up its assault on the forests of the Central Highlands of Victoria. Hundreds of log trucks and bulldozers continue their targeted 'salvage' logging operations on these forests, stealing our forests away to pulp and paper companies and their insatiable appetites for native forest woodchips. If your coming out to the brewery and one of these bastards drives past.. give em the finger.. thats what I do.
If you want to do something more productive read this and/or go to a meeting tomorrow night in Healesville... for more info click on the pic.

Logging catchment areas 
and spending BILLIONS on carbon intensive desal 
bitch to ya pollie, 
convince ya mate '
who just drives the trucks' to quit his job 

Karma will get them eventually.. 
if you care about em.. nip it in the bud.

alright rant over....
lets talk about wonderful events with solar brewed beer that are heading our way.

#1 tomorrow night in CBD.

Seven Thousand Oaks Art & Sustainability Festival. Everyone loves a gallery booze!..and it's not even mainstream crap its the good stuff. so come down.

#2 - Mini Festival...At the funkiest warehouse in Brunswick.
12pm to midnight THIS saturday. More info in the flyer below.

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