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Australian Religious Rituals #1

Some time to-day, Miss Eagle will head for the bottle shop. 
 It's that time again.

Johnathon Thurston, Greg Inglis, Darren Lockyer

Now, Miss Eagle would never make billions for a brewery - not even for a vineyard - but there are a few times a year when she gets out the Bundy:: Christmases, Birthdays, Grand Finals (but only if The Storm, Broncos or Cowboys are involved) and the religious event for all Queenslanders, State of Origin;

Now both Queensland and New South Wales take Origin seriously - but for Queenslanders it takes on religious fervour; hatred of the Cockroaches (NSW); revenge; and great love for our talented boys and boots.  My Uncle Jack Gallaway explains it all here:


And if you need to know why Queenslanders hate New South Wales (I include this especially for all those Mexicans who have moved north of the border and don't understand), please see Uncle Jack's book below.  He takes 50 pages or more to explain it all.

To-night, just in case you didn't know, dear Networker, 
there is much at stake.  

Origin is a best of three series.  To-night is Game 2.  Queensland has Game 1 under its belt.  This was played in Sydney - which is always difficult for Queensland but this time Maroon supporters were there in their droves - and their wigs.

To-night is home turf and Queensland is planning to win.  

It is said that the main reason is to honour Dazz.  He is playing coy and cute but this could be Darren Lockyer's last Origin series and, if that is the case, this will be his last Origin in Brisbane. Queensland will want to send Darren out on the biggest high of his representative career.   Winning to-night will mean that the last game in Sydney is merely an exhibition match with nothing at stake.

Over at The Oz, they are pointing at higher glory. Darren Lockyer and Johnathan Thurston to equal Wally Lewis and Alfie Langer.   When this occurs, we will doff our wigs and bow low.  Mmmm....will we?  Currently, we only do that for Wal.

Which brings me to the interesting facts of the Water Boys in Game 1 - for the Blues there was Andrew Johns and for the Maroons, Alfie.

Ton-night, Andrew Johns will be absent - markedly and significantly absent and rightly so.  Joey had his moments sometime ago and eventually, after a period of time, in the way of things forgiveness unspokenly appeared and Joey was back and we welcomed him.  Now, Joey has blotted his copy book in a way which will permanently stain his career and his person.  Due to the fact that he was 'called' by Timana Tahu, Joey's racism was outed good and proper.

Congratulations Timana.  May Australians at large take up your example and say and demonstrate -


Michael Long set the example in AFL years ago and the AFL, while still not as pure as the driven snow on race issues, has moved forward in leaps and bounds.  Meanwhile, back over at the NRL, dinosaur material and the boys club reigns supreme.  

The most lucid outline I have seen or heard on this nasty NRL episode is from Rebeccas Wilson on Offsiders last Sunday.  See and hear right here.  Disgusting cover ups!  Joey became the victim!  It goes on an on.  We already have the salary cap debacle which pierces the hearts of Storm supporters.

Seems to Miss Eagle there is rotteness embedded in the NRL - 
and it needs a thorough clean up 
and it might be a good idea
 if News Limited bows out of the process 
both at NRL level and at Storm level. 

And guess where Joey's racist remarks were centred:  on The Storm's beloved Greg Inglis and how the Blues could contain him in to-night's origin match.

Well, fellas, there's only one thing to do with the Blues and that is - show 'em.

And, to the NRL, remember that you would be nowhere without us who watch: the kids, the teens, the mums, dads, grandparents.  We are part of a wide Australian community that is moving on from racism and just accepting wonderful talent and try-hard-and-succeed people for what they are, without bigotry or prejudice.  Why don't you try to do likewise instead of doing our best to pollute that which we value.

And, Networkers,
if you want to really know about Origin
if you want to take it seriously
you must, as Darren leads the Maroons on to-night,
join the ritual and chant
(Attribution to Billy Mohr)

And for those who don't know and always get it wrong:
The short term for Rugby League is League - never Rugby.
The short term for Rugby Union is either Rugby or Union.
Never refer to 
Rugby League as Rugby 
- because it isn't!

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