Thursday, 24 June 2010

Fabulous Feminists have reached the national twin pinnacles: Quentin Bryce and Julia Gillard

To-day there is an historic convergence of two feminist careers. Separately these two women are worth studying by young women who are embarking on life's journey and want to know what a well-groomed career looks like and, if tended well, where it might lead. For each, their journeys to date has brought them to the twin pinnacles of Australia's national life and purposes.

Both are lawyers - but they were born a generation apart.
To-day one, Quentin Bryce, is Governor-General
(i.e. Head of State) of Australia.
The other, Julia Gillard, is the newly-elected Prime Minister of Australia.

I don't know of the ups and downs of Julia's career.
However, there was time in Miss Eagle's life
when she worked closely on projects  with Quentin Bryce.
Miss Eagle knows something of the ups and downs,
and vicissitudes of Quentin's career.

Julia has no children.  Quentin has five - and they were breast fed
even while she worked!

I would dearly love to be at Yarralumla
for the swearing in.
Because not only will there be two fabulous feminists
playing their roles for history,
but an old comrade-in-arms Wayne Swan 
will be sworn in, as Deputy Prime Minister, as well.
Wayne once did me a much needed favour
when few were forthcoming.
Miss Eagle never forgets such things
and, though he doesn't know it,
Wayne has had my loyalty ever since. 

I declare my interest.
I am a former Australian Workers Union (AWU) official.
I was the second female to be appointed to the role of organiser,
the first in northern Australia.
So I am rather pleased to see the professional role
played by the AWU and its officials who are now in Parliament.
It is nearly a quarter of a century since the AWU
appointed its first female officials, 
one in southern Qld and the other in northern Qld.
It is a pity women have had to wait so long
for their day at the top of the decision-making tree.
But how welcome it is.

Julia's mother is on the record as saying that
she wants to relax with a gin and tonic at Kirribilli.
(Julia reminds her that she drinks beer not G & Ts)
But if Julia's mum needs a playmate,
I'll have a Bundy thank you muchly
and I would enjoy watching the ferries from Kirribilli
instead of just gathering at the gates, as in the Howard days, 
in support of  justice for refugees.

Now onto the High Court of Australia.
Time for a female Chief Justice, please.
It would be good if this could happen
with Quentin and Julia in office.
In short, it would be good to make it

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