Sunday, 27 June 2010

Shoot and dunk a duck to-day - not, not, not!

Where have all the wild ducks gone -
Long time passing.
They've gone and shot them -
Every one!
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?
Adapted from 
by Peter Seeger
Photo of Peter Seeger below
by Anthony Pepitone
Melissa Fyfe has been on the job and told us to-day here of the secret deal done by the Labor Govt in Victoria to allow shooters to virtually have their way (Jennings will undoubtedly see this comment as an exaggeration but I emphasise again have their way).  Did Jennings and Premier John Brumby stop in their tracks to ask the Yorta Yorta what they thought?

There may have been one group that was consulted.  I wonder if Brumby and Jennings and Co consulted the Rivers and Red Gum Environment Alliance.  This is the mob who think it is OK to drive cattle into a national park so my guess (and I happy for R&RG people to tell me different) is that R&RGs people don't mind ruffling the figures of a duck or three with their shotguns.  

Now before the shooters rush to judgment, I will declare that I can understand the huntin' shootin' fishin' mentality.  I'm a bit of bush girl myself.  The hunter personality is embedded deep in the human personality.  However, humankind also has great capacity for ethical decision making.  We live in the 21st century with our rivers in a mess; our land in a mess; our wildlife ducking for cover (pun intend!). 

Now is the time to stop, assess the situation, and ask ourselves is forbearance a better course.  

What might be the story for our land, its people, its species if we chose an alternative narrative and back away from the recreational hunting part of our nature?  And, in this examination of the collective conscience, let's not ask Gavin and John.  They are politicians.  They are not clear-sighted.  

And please stay in touch with the writing of Melissa Fyfe  Here she is on Twitter.  And, BTW, in the next few weeks, the Victorian National Parks Association will join anti-duck-hunting groups to letterbox key Labor seats on this issue - a vital activity in an election year when pollies should be paying close attention. 

Friends of the Earth, the Wilderness Society and Environment Victoria have also condemned the decision.  Please follow the links given and get in touch with one of them to help.  If you live in the City of Knox or the City of Whitehorse, please let me know and we can work together.

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