Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Melbourne Water turns off the North-South Pipeline to make way for water from the Yarra

Sugarloaf Reservoir on Monday 6 September2010
It is 85% full.
To make room for the Yarra River (see post at The Trad Pad)
Melbourne Water has decided to turn off the North-South Pipeline
which brings water from north of the dividing range.
It announced it in this press release issued yesterday.

Community organisations frequently issue press releases.
Few get the publicity they desire -
let alone the action/s they seek.
Congratulations to Jan Beer of Plug the Pipe
for her recent press release
which is posted on The Network here.

One wonders why Melbourne Water had to wait.
They would have known what Jan knew when she knew it,
if not before.
Could it be that they had to seek political permission?
The Brumby Govt has already upset so many people with the pipeline.
Could it really be that they are now concerned
three to four months out from an election?
Or is that they now will really, really look silly
and the pipeline a white elephant?
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