Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Noel Pearson: on the right side of solutions for Aboriginal problems?

For many of us who take a keen and close interest in matters affecting our Aboriginal friends and their communities, it never ceases to amaze how whitefellas - who would not be able to tick off a list of other black leadership names - fall in behind and faun over Noel Pearson.  

It is quite clear to me and to my friends that one of the main reasons is that Pearson says what whitefellas like to hear.  They can't figure out - well, more often than not they are not interested in finding out - what is happening in places like the Northern Territory.  So here is a black man speaking a language they understand and talking about action they understand in relation to people they do not understand.  

Chris GrahamWell, shan't say any more.  Because you see, over at Overland Chris Graham is saying it so well.  And if there are any whitefellas who think Graham is being tough on Pearson, well I can tell you there were a few more things I would have thrown into the mix.  Hat Tip to Doug Ralph for pointing me in the right direction.

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