Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Three years of The Intervention - but hardly any improvements.

The Northern Territory Emergency Response, commonly known as The Intervention, was introduced by the Howard Government.  It has been continued by the Rudd and Gillard Governments.  To do this the Racial Discrimination Act had to be suspended and the Rudd Government had great difficulty re-instating it.

Australia is a country with a hollowed-out centre.  The population has never been great but is rapidly declining.  Places like Alice Springs and Tennant Creek which were white towns with significant Aboriginal populations are now becoming Aboriginal towns with significant white populations.

Around the coastal fringes where most of the Australian population lives, there is widespread ignorance of the daily lives of Aboriginal people, particularly of the Aboriginal people who live in remote areas and/or who live with much of their culture still intact.

There is a lot of goodwill in Australia towards ensuring that Aboriginal people live full and equitable lives.  However, the level of knowledge or personal action does not match the level of goodwill.  In urban areas, there are people who think The Intervention was necessary or that it was a good thing.  Overlooked, more often than not, is that Aboriginal people are Australian citizens yet, all too often, they do not get services and situations which urban Australians take for granted as their right.

The report below can be downloaded directly from this post.  Please follow up the links it provides.  See what the real experience of The Intervention has been.  You can also scroll down the sidebar to the tag cloud and seek out more information under the tags, 'Aboriginal issues' and 'Intervention'.

Remember, your taxpayer dollars are being misspent.  Significant amounts, if not most, of the Aboriginal budget has and is going into white pockets.

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