Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Grow your own heirlooms, organically and simply - with Belinda's help

I first posted the words and picture below nearly six weeks ago. I decided to do a 'reprint' because Belinda has to-day done a marvellous post on Community Supported Agriculture.

Community Supported Agriculture in the form of 'food in boxes' operates in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne.  In addition to these links, The Organic Food Directory tries to cover a fair bit of Australia.  Now I am certain to have omitted other 'food in boxes' schemes and organisations - so please email me at misseaglesnetwork(at)gmail(dot)com if you want to get linked from this blog.

What Belinda is writing so refreshingly of is how extensive the Community Supported Agriculture project can be. She says that "every single product traditionally sold at a farm gate or farmers market has the potential for adaptation to a Community Supported Agriculture model."

Certainly, Belinda is working her darnedest to carve out her own niche within this growing economy - as you will see below.
That friend of mine Belinda from Belinda's Place is something.  This organised, organising, methodical woman  is in the category of Urban Homesteader.  She does it all from the Mud Palace at Ferny Creek in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia.  You can follow her doings and don't-ings in the aforesaid blog.  So for all you need to know, the contact details are above.  For the rest follow her on her blog.

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