Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Stephen Fry - International Treasure and Twitterer beyond compare

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Do you follow, like mois, Stephen Fry on Twitter?  If so, a few hours ago, you probably felt like you had your Twitter clogged with consecutive Stephen Fry tweets.  There was a reason.  He was being interviewed for the Evening Standard, which he explained before the interview began - but if you came in the middle you wouldn't have known that, perhaps, and couldn't understand exactly what was being said.  To see the questions being asked, you had to go to the interviewer's Twitter.  

There is no doubt about Fry.  He confesses he loves everything new - and he must be breaking all records to chalk up firsts relating to Twitter.
  1. Instrumental in overturning that scandalous libel decision in the UK which meant even Parliament could not discuss the decision.
  2. Arguably the first person to make money from Twitter, by promoting his recent London event which promoted his book and which was telecast live to numerous centres across the UK - to popular demand as was his recent Melbourne appearance.
  3. Possibly the first to conduct a newspaper interview on Twitter - but will await confirmation
We have heard of people being National Treasures, I hereby nominate Stephen Fry as the very first International Treasure.  Welcome at my place anytime!

For those who don't participate in the Twitterverse,
Stephen Fry is one of the most prolific Tweeters in the world.
At last count, he was being "followed" by 1,776,170 people.
So, if Stephen Fry, says something 
that's an awful lot of people to take notice.

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