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Taking water from catchments when there isn't enough: and sending it down the rivers when there is too much. What is the Victorian Govt doing?

There are times, don't you think Networkers, when we just can't figure out our governments - either their actions or their intentions.
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…….. and protect the future 
of country communities.

In a time of Drought, Fire or 
Flooding Rains the
North South Pipeline adds 
Misery to Ordinary Victorians.

Whilst the entire Goulburn Catchment is suffering major flooding, Melbourne Water continues to order releases of hundreds of millions of litres per day from Lake Eildon to supply the North-South Pipeline. The water for the North South Pipeline must flow from Lake Eildon 75 kilometres along the Goulburn River until it reaches the North South Pipeline pumps at Yea.

The Victorian Government seems oblivious to the fact that this water amounting to extra billions of litres every few days pouring down the Goulburn River is adding to the flooding in the Upper Catchment, where the full impacts are still to occur in the coming days.

For the Melbourne Water to blithely continue to add this water volume to floodwaters is totally arrogant, unnecessary and smacks of the usual disregard they have for our rural communities.

In exactly the same manner, Melbourne Wate, during the construction of the pipeline continued to work on every Total Fire Ban day right up to Black Saturday. They did so with tractors, slashers, bulldozers, chainsaws and hot welding equipment in extremely dry grasslands and initially with only a mandatory 9 litre knapsack of water, despite pleas from landowners not to enter their properties as it was too dangerous to work.

The North South Pipeline threatened the bush with fire at the time of its construction, has taken water from our inland rivers in the time of desperate shortage and now amplifies the worst floods in 15 years. Is it any wonder Victorians hate it?

And what for?

To satisfy an arrogant government intent on pursuing an election agenda causing stress, trauma and difficulty to ordinary Victorians.

 Jan Beer   -  Plug The Pipe Spokesperson

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