Sunday, 19 September 2010

Egg on Ambre Energy's corporate face? Yes, if Friends of Felton have anything to do with it.

OK, Networkers, you've had breakfast?  For many of you, I'll bet it included an egg.  Imagine your Sunday breakfast without an egg or perhaps a very expensive egg because there are not enough to go around.  Or perhaps - even worse - imported eggs from heaven knows where!

This week the Friends of Felton have been busy making these sorts of points as they too to demonstrating with a barbecue outside a Toowoomba hotel where Ambre Energy was touting its wonderful credentials in the coals to liquidsbusiness.  Below is the view from the farms of Felton.

Ambre Energy project 

threatens 35% of Qld's eggs

13/9/10. Ambre Energy’s proposed coal-to-fuel project at Felton threatens the Felton egg farm and packing plant that produces 22.8 million dozen eggs per year – 35% of Queensland’s production.

The boundary of Ambre Energy’s planned gasification petrochemical plant site is only a few hundred metres from the egg farm, which is the major source of employment for Pittsworth(see map below).

Local planning laws would make it virtually impossible to relocate the enterprise in the local area, and moving it to a less populated area would not be feasible because of the high staff requirement.

Friends of Felton spokesman Rob McCreath said “The Ambre Energy project would turn one of Queensland’s most productive food-producing regions into an industrial wasteland. There would be terrible consequences for the environment and the community. “This proposal is simply insane”, he added.

Friends of Felton has campaigned for two and a half years against a proposal by Ambre Energy to establish a large open-cut coal mine and petrochemical gasification plant in the highly productive Felton Valley, 30km SW Toowoomba.

Intensive agriculture in Felton area

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