Saturday, 25 September 2010

Energy Basics at CERES 2-3pm Sunday 3 October

2 - 4pm Sunday 3rd October, 
CERES Learning Centre, 
8 Lee Street, Brunswick East 

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Join us for a concise, practical and easy to understand introduction into how our we produce and use energy in Australia.

How we produce our energy has enormous consequences for everyone, but often we don't feel confident in our opinions because energy production seems so specialised and complex.

So, to give you the nuts and bolts on Victoria's energy system, Climate Action Moreland is partnering with Beyond Zero Emissions to present Energy Basics, from 2 pm to 4pm at Ceres Learning Centre next Sunday 3rd October.

It will give you a concise introduction to understanding how our energy is produced and used, without having to spend endless hours on the Internet, or ploughing through textbooks. It will help you feel more confident in discussing these issues with family, friends, colleagues and even your local elected representative;  all very
important in the lead up to this crucial state election!

How much energy does it take to power Victoria? 
What is a megawatt?

How does a coal plant or a gas plant work?  
How does a solar thermal plant work? 
A wind turbine?  
What is Baseload energy?

This is an excellent, concise 20 minute presentation of energy basics from BZE Director of Communications, Mark Ogge, and a chance to ask all the questions you've ever had about energy.  Fact sheets for future reference provided.

Join us from 2 pm to 4pm at Ceres Learning Centre 
next Sunday 3rd October.   
There'll be signs to show you the way!

RSVP by Friday 1st October to

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