Thursday, 30 September 2010

Save locusts & our wildlife : no enforced chemical spraying : give farmers choice

I have had an email from The Network's 
dearest and most faithful friend, 
Denis Wilson of The Nature of Robertson.  
Links in the letter are by Miss Eagle.

Please go to Denis's post on this matter.
He has numerous links which interested Networkers
will be sure to follow up.

Hi Miss Eagle
I first posted about Locust spraying madness after I came back from a bird-watching trip to West Wyalong - 450 Km each way, through wheat-growing country (mostly), and I realised I had hardly seen a small hawk all the way. That was several months ago.
 Locust map from here. Click to enlarge.
I vividly recall driving through wheat country as a child and as a young adult, and it was normal to see a Kestrel or a Brown hawk on every second or third telegraph pole. On that trip I saw just two such birds.
Where have they gone?
You would be familiar with Silent Spring, no doubt.
Your John Brumby has now come out and declared war on Locusts
They supposedly pose a  threat to the Melbourne Cup! "Locust plague threat to Melbourne Cup"
Anyway, there is a Victorian farmer who is being roundly vilified for his environmental campaign against COMPULSORY SPRAYING FOR LOCUSTS.
His brother wrote to my blog, sticking up for his brother Eris O'Brien (you've got the love the Irish!).
Anyway, his video is compelling.
Have a look at the list of chemicals registered for use on CEREAL CROPS - to make them poisonous enough to kill Locusts - but we eat the crops (and feed it to our mean animals) after the "withholding period".
How stupid are we?
I would appreciate some support on this, plus also for Eris O'Brien's website, [Save the] and You Tube video.

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