Monday, 6 September 2010

Raining on the Red Gums National Park in NSW - nature rewards us for caring for country

From Johnno La Nauze, Red Gum Campaign Coordinator at Friends of the Earth in Melbourne.  I am a great believer in natural justice and find the fact that it has been raining since the declaration of the NSW Park unsurprising.  It is justice - a reward.

A lovely message for you all from Carmel Flint, legend of the NSW red gum campaign. Check out the photo links...


It literally hasn't stopped raining in the Riverina ever since the new Red Gum National Parks in NSW were created on 1st July.  

See photos here.

Nature, with all of her awesome serendipity, has chimed in to make a great environmental outcome truly spectacular.

The long drought is over (at least for now!), the rivers are rising and the floodwaters are rushing in to the Red Gum forests. 

Life is on the move and it's a joy to behold. 

So, here's to you and your powerful advocacy! 

Thanks to you, all of the growth and productivity surging into the forests with these rains will not be destroyed and carted off in a log truck next year or the year after. 

For the first time, with the waters flooding into protected forests, we're clocking one up for the future.

See the latest photos of the beautiful new Murray Valley National Park (aka Millewa Forest) in flood.  Click on each photo to enlarge.

Thanks again for your part in this wonderful outcome. 



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