Monday, 11 October 2010

What's happening to Channel 10's demographics, seriously!

What is going on, Networkers?  For years we have known quite clearly the demographics of Channel Ten.  They have clearly directed their programming to the twentysomething and thirty somethings....

Of course there is that slogan...Seriously Ten.  Does this mean that programming at Ten might not have been so light-hearted and Gens Y and X less frivolous than we have believed.  

Does seriously now mean that there has to be notable gravitas in reading the news at Ten...hence the appointment of the baby-boomer pin-up boy, George Negus.  Although George, like Miss Eagle, precedes the Baby Boomer generation.  I would call us members of the Scarce Generation - those babies born while a large proportion of Aussie men were overseas fighting in World War II.  In fact, George was born within a month of the Fall of Singapore.  Miss Eagle was born twelve days before D-Day.

So what is going on when George leaves SBS and Dateline for News at Six at Ten Next Year?  And who is on the shortlist for Dateline or a revamped version thereof?

Perhaps George is showing his age in more ways than one.  It is likely that he just wants to turn up for work and read the stuff that someone else has put together.  Perhaps, having got tired of traipsing around the world with Sixty Minutes, George is now tired of travelling Australia and the same-old same-old current affairs format.  Perhaps, now that George is eighteen months away from his three-score-and-ten, it is time to cosy up for a little news-reading to round off an illustrious career.  

At least this career change means that he is not on the short-list for Kerry O'Brien's anchor job on The 7.30 Report.  I think it is time for a female front for that program and that the job should go to a well-qualified but recently unemployed person living in the Federal seat of Bennelong.  

So it looks like G is for George as well as Gravitas - but what about the demographics.  The ABC is thought to have the over 60s market sewn up pretty well - well, it had me sewn up in every decade of my whole life even before television!  And I am still there except for little sojourns to crime and Kevin McCloud on Foxtel. So if the over 60s do a big shift to watch Ten News read by George will it impact on the ABC News slot at 7pm?  So much change.....
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