Saturday, 23 October 2010

Ethical Greens? Selling out citizenry in Victoria? Inadequate Opposition? Citizens, look to yourselves.

Green question mark from here

Sarah Hanson-Young is being clever again, according to this report. The ethics of The Greens? Anything at any price, even when the price is a question of ethics and truth?  And the choice at the Victorian elections? A Labor government who sells out and dobs on its own citizens in a most unAustralian way. In fact, it reminds me of a previous financial transaction involving thirty pieces of silver.  What about the Liberal and National parties, the current Opposition, some might ask?  The last time they were in power, they were led by Jeff Kennett and the memory won't go away.

So political purity? Politicians as ethical examples?  One would search hard, even with a well lit lamp,  to find it.  These days - after decades of involvement in the political process of the nation - I stick to issues and work with the community and keep party politics well on the periphery. There are no sure answers working on issues within the community.  Ethics can be an issue - but problems for citizen activism tend to centre around apathy and egotism.  In short, the self-centredness that can erode community cohesion is also at the heart of political chicanery.  Our apathy, our egotism, our ability to get wrapped up only in our own affairs, lets the politicians and the bureaucrats who serve them have a free rein with little check, little balance.  

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