Thursday, 14 October 2010

Murray Darling Basin Plan community engagement #2 - Deniliquin

Miss Eagle's view is that the
Murray Darling Basin Plan
is the biggest structural adjustment proposed for this nation 
since white settlement.
I am still reading and digesting The Guide to the plan
and there will be more to come on that.
In the meantime, Networkers,
I am posting some of the stuff coming out on Twitter and You Tube
so that you can see what the feeling at the coal-face is.
One proviso: 
Sometimes the loudest voices are the ones that get heard.
These are not necessarily the most most reasonable nor rational.
Some speak from immediate self- interest, understandably,
but then there can be, necessarily, a better view from a wider perspective.

On the Twitterverse: please see basin plan or basinplan.
Lots beings said. Lots of discussion to enter into -
either as soulmates or antagonists.

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