Friday, 8 October 2010

The Murray-Darling Basin Plan is out and on-line

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Currently, on ABC TV and on ABC News 24 the Press Conference releasing the plan is being held.
To get the low-down on the hoe-down which is the Murray-Darling Basin Plan a new website has been established.  For all things to do with the Plan, please go here.

Please be in touch with this, Networkers.  
I want to know what you reckon.
  • Biggest water cuts expected in the Murrumbidge Irrigation Area and the Goulburn-Broken Rivers area
  • Miss Eagle has been saying that this is the biggest structural adjustment since white settlement.  The MDBA say that this sort of organisation of a massive river basin has never been done ANYWHERE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.  This is a world first, Australia! Imagine!
  • Barnaby Joyce has spoken at a Press Conference yet could not comment on The Guide's detail. He is now speaking again just to give free kicks to Penny Wong.  I would remind Networkers that John Howard tasked former National Party Leader John Anderson with the task of sorting out the mess that has been the over-allocation of water in the Murray-Darling Basin.  Anderson spent about two years on this and couldn't sort it.  Agricultural politics is an agressive, self-interested and nasty business!  The Nats don't deserve any air time to complain.  Let them learn to be constructive, instead of destructive.  Get on with doing a proper job, Barnaby.

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