Monday, 25 October 2010

National Day of Protest Against the NT Intervention and the compromised Racial Discrimination Act

Melbourne: Jobs with Justice: 5.30pm 29 October
State Library
Sydney: Jobs with Justice: 12 noon 29 October
Sydney Town Hall
Alice Springs: Jobs with Justice: 12.30pm (CST) 29 October
Court House Lawns, Mparntwe - Alice Springs


This comes to The Network from Georgina Gartland of 'concerned Australians'.
The Racial Discrimination Act was reinstated on June 21 June 2010 to be effective from Dec 31st 2010.  However, this version of the RDA is heavily compromised, due to other legislation passed at the  very same moment!. (See attachments below).   The United Nations said there must be changes to this new package of legislation, see RDA flyer attached, blurb below, and Committee for Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) 'concluding observations' (particularly look at no. 10 &16) , available at More than half the recommendation pertains to Australia's treatment of Australia's Indigneous peoples.
On Friday 22nd Oct, I was amongst a FULL HOUSE  at the Capitol theatre in Swanston street, and attended a new movie, 'Our Generation' ;a fantastic and very powerful movie around  Aboriginal rights which looked at the impacts of  NT Intervention on Aboriginal peoples. It also showed how mining rights have increased dramatically whilst Aboriginal peoples'  'land rights' and their 'say' are increasingly being eroded.  Policies to move Aboriginal people away from their homelands were discussed in length in th movie. Attachment 3  adds to issues around this, the winding back of the Aboriginal land Right's Act of 1976 , in the lead up to the Intervention from 2004.  Damien Short explains and defines what is happening under the NT Intervention in terms of cultural genocide! Though the essay is a  bit heavy to start, I found it worth persisting.  All Ausralians should read it. If you missed 'our generation' do watch the 'trailor at  The DVD can be piurchased through the same site.  The Mercy's have placed a direct link to this with an excellent article at . It woud be great if all oganisations could to do similar and spread the word about the DVD and this RDA action Please note: The Network first published the trailer a month ago and it can be found here.
Dr. Rev. Dyiyinni Gondarra OAM who featured in the film was also present on Friday night.  He asked us all present to become actively involved.
'concerned Australian's need help in immediate action.
We are asking people to help with the Racial Discrimination Act action and spread  as widely as possible through family, peers and wider networks. 

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