Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Truth or Propaganda: MDBA backgrounders on net already & has the science already been done?

Further to my previous post, in which I thanked Anonymous for the tip-off to the site where one could access background documents used by the Murray Darling Basin Authority, I want to have a rant, a real rant about what could be (please prove me wrong, Networkers) propaganda - in short, false information - being reported and shouted out by all and sundry.

The Australian Government seems to have fallen for the three card trick of this propaganda to announce the appointment of the Windsor Inquiry and the MDBA appears to have been brow-beaten into pursuing yet another socio-economic study of the Murray-Darling Basin. The paranoia of a hung parliament or more like the story of the boy, the man, and the donkey demonstrating that you can't please all of the people all of the time.

I have a feeling of foreboding; a feeling that people that should be listening are not listening, not paying attention.  I have a feeling of foreboding that people who should know better are giving in to the baying crowds of the Coliseum.

I wonder, considering a Labor Govt is making decisions, how many seats are really at stake because of last week's hysteria.  The uproar came from New South Wales (OK an election there next year - but if they lose, as predicted, the pain is likely to be dished out by seats outside the Murray-Darling Basin) and, from my vantage point, appears to be stirred up by the NSW Irrigators.  I was at Shepparton and while the response was strong, it was not like the voices from New South Wales. The remaining Victorian community engagements are yet to come.  However, if they are like Shepparton, strong but courteous will be the order of the day.

Last night, the NSW Irrigators told the Twitterverse this:

This morning, the same folk are telling the same Twitterverse this:

And this from an organisation whose constituency tends to prefer the National Party, hate Trade Unions and their members, and pour scorn on people fighting to preserve the land and waterscapes of this country in good order for ensuing generations - including those who bring us food and fibre from the land.  

If this is the public voice, I wonder what they are saying sotto voce to their members, their local organisers, their rabble-rousers.  
This is why I think that there are times 
when agri-politics needs to be spelt aggro-politics!

So, Networkers, if you want to view or access all the information that the MDBA has on the internet at this time, please go here and scroll down.  What's available will probably satisfy, more than satisfy, the needs of most Networkers.  And then there is the variety of research that CSIRO claims to have carried out for the Murray-Darling Plan.  See the fact sheet embedded below:

So, Networkers, what is all that buzz we are hearing - Truth or Propaganda?
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