Friday, 15 October 2010

Blog Action Day on WATER : Global Handwashing day - The Wiggles & Nelson Mandela

To-day, as you can see from the post below is Blog Action Day and the theme for this year is WATER. I am trying to kill two birds with one stone so I am combining the Water theme of Blog Action Day with a little soap because to-day is Global Handwashing Day.

A little water and a little soap can make a huge difference in saving lives and helping us to ward off disease.  I love the emphasis on the kids because we want them to grow up strong and resilient, don't we.
The first Global Handwashing Day was in 2008.
Our very own Wiggles wrote a special tune.
It is catchy and easy to teach to your kids.
And here is the video for 2010

Please value water.
It is our life.
Please support the human right to water and its understanding.
In Australia, water was unbundled from land
This made water a tradeable commodity -
when once it was part of the Commons -
it belonged to all of us.
This definition of water rights comes from Wiserearth:
Definition: Water rights are the legal rights that define ownership of water and water sources (surface and subsurface), the use of water and the priority of water use. Water rights allocate water to different users and can be contentious in areas where water supplies are insufficient for the demands upon the supply, and where people are denied or deprived of access to water. The right to water is increasingly considered as a basic human right that has to be reconciled with legal water rights already in existence.  Unfortunately, privatization and commodification of water often undermine this right by cutting off supply to those who cannot afford to pay.

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Rous Water is the regional water supply authority
providing potable water in bulk to the Council areas of 
Lismore (excluding Nimbin), Ballina (excluding Wardell), 
Byron (excluding Mullumbimby) and 
Richmond Valley (excluding land to the west of Coraki).  

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