Saturday, 23 October 2010

Great Artesian Basin (GAB) : Coal Seam Gas Extraction: Money in your pocket or water to sustain

Australians are fighting for and over the iconic Murray-Darling Basin at the moment - and who knows when matters will be resolved, if ever.  

There is another icon - and if the MDB gets overlooked in the urbanised east coast fringes (note, Adelaide, that I did not include you. I know you are interested in the MDB.) then take on board the abysmal ignorance of urban Australia about the wonder-ful Great Artesian Basin (GAB) - Australia's system and store of antique, not readily renewable, water under our feet in three states and one territory (see map above).

Good on Greens Senator-elect Larissa Waters for drawing attention to the dangers that are faced because of coal seam gas extraction.  I hesitate to do this because already I don't have enough hours in one day - but I am setting this post up as a Post of Record.  I probably should have done this before- but I will post links regarding coal seam extraction here.  The disastrous affects of CSG extraction are not only an Australian phenomenon - they stretch across the globe.  

So, Networkers, please forward appropriate material.  If any of you are keen bloggers and want to come to my aid on this matter and help me manage the Post of Record and help me research stuff, please put your hand up.  Many hands make light blogging - and at the moment it is pretty full on and heavy!  

I believe a gram of information in community hands is worth a tonne of locked-up government files - so let's get going and make this belief a reality, please.  See below for the start I have made.

International Organisations mobilising around CSG
United States of America
(to be continued)

Organisations mobilising around CSG in Australia
Friends of the Earth Australia

New South Wales

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