Sunday, 31 October 2010

Rally 4 Sanity and or Fear, Washington DC: John Stewart: Stephen Colbert

Any Night-Owl Networkers out there.
The Rally for Sanity and/or Fear has started in Washington DC
Just music so far and lots of Tweeps Tweeting in the Twitterverse.
Crowds beyond number.
If you Twitter, read the Tweets at #rally4sanity.
More stuff here.
Go here for an amazing picture of crowds 
from atop the Washington Monument.

From Sane Clown Posse
For their slide show, please go here.
More pictures here

I went to bed with my eyeballs hanging out before the conclusion -
so some stuff is not recorded.
I am therefore reliant on a transcript for Jon Stewart's serious 'sincerity' speech.
I think - with a few different proper nouns - the same speech could be applicable
to and in  the Land of Oz.

Networkers - please, please, go here to read Jon Stewart's speech plus
the Rolling Stone version.
The dominant voice can bust up our community while it gets its own way.
It is the coming together with respect for differing and different voices -
that's what is the thing.
Coming together! Listening to each other!
In all our glorious diversity.
That's what really, truly matters.
As Jon says,

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