Thursday, 21 October 2010

NSW Irrigators are a worry: degraded environment in perpetuity?

Gee whiz, the NSW Irrigators are a worry in the whole Murray-Darling debate.  To understand my concern, it's best if you get their views on Twitter.  However, you will get my drift if you go to this article which is referenced in the Tweet above.

As for the ALP appeasement, I am getting used to it.  After all, they have been appeasing people - across a range policies - who wouldn't vote Labor in a fit, since at least 2007.  In fact, Labor would give Neville Chamberlain a run for his money on the appeasement front.  

Labor needs to be reminded - No Guts No Glory!  Appeasement, after all is said and done, has given them an insecure grasp on power.  The voting base of people who actually vote Labor is continually being eroded by the "be nice to everybody and don't offend anyone" approach.  The reality of the huge swing against Labor demonstrates beyond argument how many people Labor is offending.  In short, it is quantifiable!

The looming question for most of us is: 
Will there be such a level of appeasement by the Gillard Government
 that degraded environment will be a feature of our nation in perpetuity?
blue-green algae in the River Murray

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