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Jan Beer contests seat of Seymour as an Independent: community engagement & transparency major issues

Jan on the campaign frontline at Glenburn last year.

Jan Beer has given a lot of time to water activism in the last couple of years.  She has been one of the leaders in the Plug the Pipe campaign to stop a pipeline taking water from the drought-stricken Goulburn River catchment to Melbourne.  Now she is taking the water battle to a new frontline – the Victorian State Election to be held on 24 November 2010.

Miss Eagle supports Jan's candidacy because of the Brumby Government's poor track record on community engagement and transparency.  Jan Beer's candidacy supports these basic democratic rights and procedures.  The Brumby Government has no whole of government policy on professional and modern community engagement.  Where, within the bureaucracy, there is a belief that community engagement is practised the record ranges from poor through to awful and, at times, absolutely disgraceful.

I am standing as a candidate in the Seymour electorate because I believe Victorians deserve a more open, accountable and transparent government.  Honesty and integrity has been sadly missing whilst Premier Brumby has been in office.

I refuse to stand by and watch the erosion of our democratic rights where the basic right to peacefully protest results in people being arrested, and where individuals are spied upon by their own Government.  My State has become veiled in a cloak of secrecy in which a detached Government answers every question and every criticism with spin and vindictive action.

So many major projects in Victoria have been fast-tracked with sham consultation, secrecy, refusal to disclose business cases or failure to follow mandatory business case guidelines. 

Examples of these are the North-South Pipeline, Regional Rail Link, Desalination Project, Wallan-Kilmore Bypass, Black Forest Drive narrowing project, destruction of the historic Toorourrung Reservoir Spillway and, of course, the WIndsor Hotel debacle.  The list of mishandled projects is almost endless.

As a Yea farmer and small business owner in Seymour with my husband Neil, I have the experience and insight to understand the needs and issues of my rural-urban electorate.  This life experience, I believe, would put me in good stead to represent the Seymour Electorate.
I am also standing as an independent candidate so I do not have to toe the “party political line”and can advocate for and represent rural Victorians without fear or favour – a task, if honoured by the Seymour Electorate, I would revel in. 

Jan Beer Contact Number   0407 144 777
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Written and authorised by Jan Beer, 486 Limestone Rd., Yea 3717
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