Monday, 18 October 2010

Be proud of Public Broadcasting - and tell Rupert to keep his stickies off it

Stephen Fry recommends...

I love radio – and, above all, I love public radio.  That means the ABC – and at various times I am listening to Radio National, Local Radio (Melbourne), Classic FM and News Radio .  In the wee small hours – yes the radio goes beside me all night most nights – I listen to the BBC news when ABC News Radio switches over.

I love Public Radio and I love the ABC’s internet sites – 
but, even more, I love the BBC’s absolutely massive site.

Guess who hates public broadcasting? Yes. You guessed it. One R. Murdoch.  He especially hates it when the ABC and the BBC dig into their archives and broadcast their riches or put their archives on the ‘net.  He would love to have such wonders so he could pile up more money like Scrooge McDuck.  Do you think, Networkers, that – like Scrooge McDuck – he bathes in the stuff?

Networkers, if you want to dig and dig some more, please go to the BBC’s history site.  This will keep you busy for hours, perhaps days, months………..

This is why, when Stephen Fry told me on the Twitter about the video below, 
I just had to have a look.
Memory Lane, Dream City.
What a wonderful address! 
Mitch Benn fills the locale for me.  
Can he do it for you?

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