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Stewart and Colbert's Rally for Sanity and or Fear : sinister forces behind it?

Back in October, I posted on the Rally for Sanity and/or Fear held in Washington DC under the sponsorship of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I have to-day received an email from Daniel James giving another view about the Rally contained in a comment on his blog. This is an outcome of my comments on Daniel's bog.

As Networkers understand, I place a lot of faith in community - community networking, community engagement, community communicating with and listening to each other.  I am a glass half-full gal with more than my fair share of optimism and idealism.  In fact, I like to think that if disparate voices were gathered in one place as community and under the care of a very good community engagement facilitator there might be great ideas coming forth, greater than the sum of the parts, which no one present had dreamed of.

My knowledge of US politics - while above average - is from over the sea and far away.  I have no way of verifying what is in the comment Daniel has forwarded to me - but the information is presented clearly and with links.  So here is what has been drawn to my attention.  Please comment - intelligently and in the spirit of The Network.  I am not inclined to accept barely literate invective or lunatic fringe stuff.  Get the drift?

So here 'tis.
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There is a new comment on the post "The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear - An Outsider’s View".

Author: Ignia
I just thought you would like to know....

The Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear was actually started by an internet group that is known as Anonymous. You may know them by the name of Redit, /b/, 4chan, et. al. I believe the exact group that is responsible is Reddit.

They are well known for their ability to cause pain, ruin, and even financial meltdown of people they choose to target, arranging for deliveries of pizzas, furniture, in at least one instance a hearse and even coffins to the homes of those who spark their ire, or even ddos attacks and overloading of spam to take down those they deem their enemies.
Some examples:

Their sinister slogan, and their warning, is as follows:
"We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us."

(The Oregon tea party adopted that as their slogan. Anonymous got word... and the state's political party was forced to change it within a week after Anonymous was alerted, after all of their websites, facebook, twitter, and even email accounts got hacked, spammed, and shut down.

The Rally to Restore Sanity actually started on Reddit as The Rally to Restore Truthiness.

The combined forces of Anonymous donated to, a charity of which Colbert is a board member in the attempt to get his attention. Which certainly succeeded.

In summary; the idea for the rally actually started at ground level and worked its way to the top from the American People. We demonstrated our seriousness of interest in this rally... and Colbert and Stewart responded.

Hope this information helps!

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