Sunday, 19 December 2010

What a week...good, bad, ugly. Time to relax. Treat yerself.

Well, Networkers, it has been a tough week for many of the human species this week. One of us got carted off to a dungeon, only to emerge in daylight, and be whisked off to an English manor. Meanwhile one of us was going through another Guantanamo week in Quantico.  At the other end of the world, some of us got tired of waiting to get where we wanted to go, put our lives in the hands of organised crime and people traffickers and embarked on an event which left children orphaned, families decimated, and survivors probably still not getting to where they want to be.

Some of us were on the sidelines. We protested about The Intervention, bulldozers coming to an Aboriginal school near you, and the government announced yet another inquiry.

But even those of us who are on the sidelines have felt emotionally drained by all that has happened.  Dead babies, orphaned children, and the hardened hearts of many callers to talk-back radio in Australia compel even our on the sidelines compassion to the point where we can't express what we feel and don't know what to do to help or assist.

So it is the Sunday afternoon before Christmas, and - for those of whose who can - let's rest a wee while. If you can get a relaxing, cool drink please do so. Click on to this stuff and settle back in comfort. There is a selection, so pretend you are at your own personal concert.  I am embedding my favourite below.  And the title seems to sum up the week that has been...the good, the bad, the ugly.

Thanks to Robbo from Bite the Dust
deep in the Gibson Desert of Australia
for tweeting the information
(  @BiteTheDust  )

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