Friday, 17 December 2010

Beauty, bail and wedded bliss: doing time at Ellingham Hall #WikiLeaks

Ellingham Hall, Waveney Valley, Norfolk

Somewhere in this charming residence on a beautiful Norfolk estate, I think there must a lot of security - and not only relating to the electric bracelet worn by Julian Assange. I am sure Ellingham Hall does not want to inadvertently host any freelance assassin/s operating on the advice of those calling for extrajudicial killing.

As well there are the "personalised lakeside wedding receptions" which are a specialty of the establishment. Don't want drunken yobbos wandering around the place looking for the wrong sort of leak, do we now. Mine host is Vaughan Smith who has a few exploits of his own under his belt, such as filming the only uncontrolled footage of the Gulf War in 1991, after he bluffed his way into an active-duty unit while disguised as a British Army officer. More here

So while Australia has some of its own brightest and best investigative journos involved and in support such as John Pilger and Phillip Knightley, there is a strong cast of  talent and influence lining up behind Assange. But this is a chess game of no mean proportions and it won't end with calling check and mate. It will end with revenge and punishment if the USA has its way.  Moves, currently, are not being signalled.
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