Monday, 20 December 2010

Kicking up a song and dance on Byrril Creek : No dam - No way #water #nodams #environment

I love this video.
And, am I mistaken,
or can I see in it
playing the mandolin.

No Dam No way -waterfall Save Byrrill Creek

Water is holy. It is more precious than gold. It sustains all life on this planet. It is literally the manifestation of Holy Spirit that keeps body and soul together. Without it we would not exist and once deprived of it we have very little time left alive.
In utter denial about the appropriateness of rainwater tanks as part of every normal household, and ignorance of the importance of this area as a wildlife corridor between two National Parks the Tweed Shire Council is proposing to dam Byrrill Creek, thereby destroying the habitat of many local people, wildlife and forest. A dam has a major detrimental effect on the adjacent environment, altering forever the local natural infrastructure.

On behalf of all this endangered Nature and their own families and friends, the people of Byrrill Creek recently got together and participated in this colourful film clip, based on a song by Paul Joseph and Brendan Hanley, who recently won the ABC National Q&A video competition for their comedic "Backhander" clip.

With several cameras and a lot of fun the video was shot on Byrrill Creek with camera work from Paul Tait, Paula Glenn-Bland, Megan James and Pat Hall. Editing by Paul Joseph (with his L plates on).

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