Tuesday, 28 December 2010

SeeClickFix: Daily Grist: Improving the 'hood #community #sustainability

Each day the Daily Grist lands in my email box.  It is American and it is useful.  Well, not always so useful because it is American and geared to an American way of life. But when I do find a gem or two they are worth taking on board.

I am taking the trouble to tell you, Networkers, about Daily Grist to-day because of a beaut idea I have discovered through it.  It is called SeeClickFix. I have heard of nothing like it in Australia - but it would be good to see it here.

SeeClickFix allows citizens to complain about non-emergency situations in their neighbourhoods which need fixing: an unsafe intersection; a dog barking incessantly, public eyesores etc.  The sort of things you wish "they" would do something about; the sort of things that you might organise your street, neighbourhood or suburb about.   Please, SeeClickFlix, go international and come to Australia.

I like the writing in my DG by Sarah Goodyear. Here is to-day's piece about making your neighbourhood a better place. Some good tips!  She has a lovely photographic site here.  That's where I discovered this gem.
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