Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Fox and Get Up! : Wikileaks and Assange: the Australian political spectrum #wikileaks #ozpolitics

Thanks to The Real Ewbank for drawing attention to the footage below. You can catch up on his original tweet and plenty else at The Miss Eagle Daily. This is the standard of political debate and comment in the United States?...and all funded by that once upon a time Australian now an American, Rupert Murdoch.

Clearly this is sufficient justification alone for WikiLeaks...to expose the collective American intellect going down the tubes.

The commentator introduced Brett Solomon as being from a 'far left' group, Get Up!

I'll bet Sky News and Murdoch newspapers in Australia would not be game to publish such a statement.  They would be howled down....and possibly out.  But then again there are a couple of mad people who might agree...like Andrew Bolt and Piers Akerman.  Oh, sorry. I forgot Christopher Pearson.

The other thing WikiLeaks might consider doing is an expose of the pendulum or spectrum of Australian political parties from the very furthest extremes of the right to the very furthest extremes of the left.

Well, I could concede that Get Up! is a far left group if it is compared with Fox News and the Tea Party Republicans and those even further to the right than they are.  From that distance, Get Up! would be so far away as to be out of sight altogether.

But lets take Fox and its sneering commentator, Anne Coulter, (who was once very rude on The View)   at face value.  If Get Up! is the marker for the far left, where do others of the left fit on the pendulum?  Is the Australian Labor Party still on the left or - as so many believe - has it shifted well and truly to the right?  Where are The Greens?  Further to the left than Get Up! or only slightly to the left of the ALP and therefore the major party of the Left.  And where then do Socialist Alliance, Socialist Alternative, and Van Rudd and his friends of the Revolutionary Socialist Party sit?

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