Sunday, 26 December 2010

Size matters - that's the length & breadth of it! #genitalia#men#women#intellectualcapacity

Beth Wilson's article to-day is most welcome. Particularly, in a period when we have had the AFL p*nis pictures controversy and descriptions of the rising number of women seeking cosmetic surgery for their undercarriage.  

What has always bugged me is that for decades, French movies have not been shy about showing the male in all his glory - and, of course, the female in his hers.  Conversely, Hollywood has never been shy (well at least for about five decades) about exploiting the female form but baulks at showing the male in toto.

Size is clearly a male pre-occupation, comparison and embarrassment which has now corrupted the female of the species for whom this was never an issue except in rare anatomical circumstances.  This is what we have liberated females for? To be seduced by male pornographic pleasures of airbrushed women juvenile-style which have given us nude genitalia and now 'enhanced' or 'deformed by bad surgery' genitalia.  Great! Women can still be conned by men. Women can still not think for themselves?

And as for the the AFL footballers. They are a disgrace.  I for one am not going to line up in the condemnatory queue against the 17 year old girl.  The AFL footballers were well past the age of consent. The 17 year old was barely past the age of consent. In addition, the footballers have been the recipients of all sorts of courses and directives by the AFL for the purpose of trying to do the impossible, keep AFL footballers out of trouble, particularly of their own making. 

The AFL footballers and their club are crying foul when the solutions are quite simple. To the clubs: Pick footballers who can think rationally as well as run and punt.  To the footballers: Don't do anything that you wouldn't like to see publicised in a photograph. 

And I am not convinced by their almost tearful performances. You see I think they are genuinely shocked by what has occurred.  But the real worry is money - money for personal endorsements, money for the club.  After all what does a footballer endorse after his p*nis has been publicised - p*nis enlargement? 

Let's attribute blame fairly and squarely where it is due: men who cannot exercise any intellectual capacity above their navel. Simple as that. They ruin their own lives and the lives of women foolish enough to hang around them. 

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