Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Part 2 - Colonising Christmas with false commercial symbols #Christmas #Horticulture #Flowers

 See pictures in more detail in yesterday's post.
You can see the Pointsettia on the right in all its tropical glory.

Further to yesterday's post, Colonising Christmas with false commercial symbols, there has been a communique from Denis of The Nature of Robertson.

Welcome to the club.

I hate poinsettias with a passion.
The way they are grown is about as natural 
as was the Chinese Women having Bound Feet.
They are mature plants, cut off and potted up as "cuttings" 
and then they flower at 9 inches high, not 20 feet high.
You are right about the "forcing. 
They grow them in cool houses.

Think of their CO2 "footprint" - 
to get them to flower in summer, they grow them in coolers, 
and control the amount of sunlight they receive, 
so they "think" it is winter, with only 6 hrs of sunlight per day. 

Imagine the Greenhouse gases involved in that production schedule.

Don't tell anyone at Woolies - the Fresh Food People - 
but the leaves and stems of Poinsettias are poisonous, 
but so are Daphne, and Daffodils.

And remember the red and green colours of Christmas 
were largely invented by Coca Cola.
Commercialism is rampant in every cell of this plant.

Postscript from Miss Eagle:
If you are cutting the  'real' pointsettias 
to use in floral decoration,
you will find them sappy and,
 like hydrangeas,
you need to burn the ends. 
Handy to do if you have gas burners in the kitchen. 
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