Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Bryce Corbett, Shay the Showgirl and AFL risky photos #AFL#women#blogging

Networkers, I have just read what I think might be the best post I have read on a blog in the whole of 2010 - and, just possibly, ever. It is titled Ignoring the homoerotic elephant in the locker room

Now the topic is a hot potato - always grist to the blogging mill and stoking fires that need a vent.  It's not just that.  The writing is excellent.  The writer covers all aspects, it would seem, of the topic - and makes lucid comment on each aspect. He says what needs to be said. In short, he calls to account the actions of those complaining; calls to account those who receive popular adulation and seldom appear to be called to account.

So I looked to see who this writer is because I had never heard of Bryce Corbett - and the bio is attractive. 
Bryce Corbett is the mild-mannered Associate Editor of the Australian Women’s Weekly. He began his journalism career as a copyperson at the Daily Telegraph and rose to lofty heights of the newspaper’s gossip columnist before scampering overseas to find his fortune in the Mother Country.
Stints in London at The Times, The News Of The World and as TV producer at Sky News all ensued before he jumped a Eurostar and moved to Paris. He spent 10 years living and working in Paris, during which time he wrote two books, married a Moulin Rouge showgirl and sired two adorable kids. He returned to the homeland in February. 
I am sure there are bits of that biography that would be the envy of any AFL footballer - and their wives and girl-friends.  Imagine turning up for the Brownlow if you had a Moulin Rouge showgirl on your arm!

Now if I can just learn to be a snappy and intelligent blogger,
like Bryce Corbett!
I might have a remote chance of doing that.
I have never looked like and never will look like
Shay Stafford.

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