Sunday, 19 December 2010

WikiLeaks and following our leaders: Rudd and Netanyahu: @phbarratt #ausgov #israel #terrorism

Do you think, Networkers, that since WikiLeaks we are becoming more interested in the lesser reportings or non-reportings of what our elected leaders and their hired help do or say?

It would be a difficult thing to keep up with all their doings. One of the advantages of carefully selected Twitter follows is that one can have access to a lot of other people who are keeping tabs from a variety of directions.  One of these is the well-connected and well-informed Paul Barratt (@phbarratt) of Australian Observer. Even though he omitted to use hashtags on his Twitter entries about Rudd's speech in Jerusalem, Barratt gave enough clues for me to track down Rudds speech to the Australia-Israel Leadership Forum, which is the subject of the Tweets from @phbarratt below.

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