Friday, 17 December 2010

No leadership from Gillard: why no surveillance: Aussie hearts harden against asylum seekers #Christmas Island #asylumseeks #Aussiehate

Words are inadequate in the aftermath of the deaths off Christmas Island:
words for the dead and for the living.
Except for one word: Why?

People are asking why wasn't this boat picked up by surveillance.
Because of the weather, the darkness, the boat was made of wood,
we are told.
So if the really dangerous people - terrorists, armies and navies -
want to come to Australia
then they must do it under cover of darkness and bad weather
and in wooden boats.
Our security can only spot metal boats, in daylight on a sunny day?

Australia in such a dark, angst-ridden business needs leadership.
I remember how the ALP and Kim Beazley in opposition
went to water on Tampa.
Currently Julia Gillard is not showing leadership,
forward thinking,
or decisive action in regard to people arriving in Australia
via leaky boats and people smugglers.
Currently, it seems Australian hearts are hardening
towards asylum seekers.

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