Thursday, 30 July 2009

Desalination contract announced for Victoria - 1

It seems it's all over bar the shouting!
The winner of the desal contract has been announced.
It is AquaSure (no website yet)
Sympathies go to ...
- they have run inspirational campaigns.

Please drop them a line and let them know of your support.

Miss Eagle had predicted a Veolia win - but I was wrong. The winner is .... Suez + Degremont + Thiess + Macquarie Group Capital + AGL Energy.

One of the big criticisms regarding the project (but not the only one) has been its energy consumption. The inclusion of AGL Energy and its renewables is clearly designed to counter some of this criticism.

One of the matters that concerns Miss Eagle (and I do hope the Victorian Government examined this closely) is the involvement of Macquarie Group Capital in the project. Their involvement in the Brisbane Airport Link project did not leave them covered in glory. A year ago this was the story. These days there are question marks hanging over the Macquarie Model of investment with subsidiaries disowning their parentage and breaking away from the management company.

So will all be well and at peace with water policy here in Victoria? Somehow I doubt it. This is the biggest public private partnership in the history of Australia and it is announced at a time when there is substantial concern over the economic value of P3s to the taxpayers.

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