Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Bonhoeff 4 - Update - Video, fines, confiscation and forfeiture

Bonhoeffer 4 Update: Wed 090715 15.39pm

The Bonhoeffer 4 appeared in the Rockhampton Magistrates court this morning. The Magistrate refused to let the four be heard together. They individually pleaded guilty to the charges. Before they were sentenced each defendant spoke powerfully about why they took the action they did.

They were all given fines:

Jessica (Trespass & Obstruction) $1200
Margaret (Trespass) $400
Jarrod (Trespass) $200
Simon (Trespass & Obstruction) $700

The defendants made it clear that they would not pay the fines suggesting that they be given community service or the money go to community organisations that support peace.

Supporters were present in the court room and welcomed them out of the watchhouse when they were released.

At this stage, the police have confiscated some of their property such as mobile phones and cameras despite the fact that the matter has been dealt with in court. These articles have been kept by the state because they were used in the “commission of a crime”. The four are currently in the process of appealing the forfeiture order. Jessica and Simon are unable to be contacted on their phones for this reason.


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