Monday, 27 July 2009

The Network's 1000th visitor arrived to-day

Graphic from here

A matter of seconds before 11am today
(AEST but just before 10.3am ACST)
a person in or near Adelaide, South Australia
who came to this blog from an email
on a service provided named
Internode Professional Access
became The Network's
1,000th Vistor.

This blog has been operating just under three months.
Thank you to all who have supported it with their visits -
and I hope you continue to come back again.
Please remember that I am happy to receive material
to turn into posts
and I am happy to consider the idea of guest bloggers.

Let's keep going to make that Six Degrees of Separation
even smaller as we seek to engage people in this wonderful world
and find solutions to how we live our lives
in ethically, environmentally,socially and spiritually sustaining ways.

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