Monday, 13 July 2009

Talisman Saber 09 - Bonhoefer 4 on base

Military watches for Shoalwater Bay trespassers

Shoalwater Bay protesters
Jarrod McKenna, Rev. Simon Moyle,
Jessica Morrison and Margaret Pestorius
who say they have trespassed
into the military training area (Supplied)

David Pocock has sent a message to the members of The Bonhoeffer 4: living a 'costly grace' in the face of war.

Subject: Urgent News from Shoalwater Bay

PLEASE CONTACT Talisman Saber 09 info line 1800 639 724 and demand that the exercises be stopped!!


The Bonhoeffer 4 are currently on the Shoalwater military training area. The ADF have yet to make any comment as to whether they will cancel the exercise and have advised that they are still 'investigating'.

However, according to ABC online (; Captain Brian Lewis from the US Air Force has commented on people being in the training area:

"We're going to make sure that the area's safe and clear and if there is anyone in the area that's unauthorised, we'll escort them out and turn them over to the civilian police," he said.

"As in any exercise there are possibilities for dangers for anyone participating but our safety measures are in place to make sure the area's safe and secure for those involved in anything that could arise."

The four have resolved to stay on the base.

For further stills or video footage of the four entering the military base please contact Treena Lenthall 0447 851 858.

Here's a link from The Age.


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