Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Environmental anguish

Anguish - by Thomas Hawk from here

An email from friend and Networker, Denis of The Nature Robertson, this morning. The spirit of this letter is summed up in the post heading - environmental anguish. The passion and effort of researching and writing about the water issue at Bundanoon followed by attendance at the meeting and the revelations which followed in its aftermath have been demolished by the cynicism of others described in the email below.
Exhausted after the Bundanoon fuss. Such a waste of energy (and water). I spent yesterday defending myself - point by point - in many emails for what I said. I can justify nearly everything I wrote.

Here is my summary of the Bundanoon issue. I don't want to touch it again, myself.
If you wish, you might publish something about the pain of being an environmentalist (one who tries not to "sell out").

I can now sum that whole Bundanoon issue as a publicity stunt for a water filtration company, and a celebrity "Environmental Campaigner".
It will not make a scrap of difference to the Waterfalls, springs and Glow Worm Glen at Bundanoon.
The Businesses are happy with the publicity.
Life goes on!

Denis is an old campaigner personally and environmentally.
He will recover. He will lick his wounds.
He will commiserate with friends. He will receive encouragement.
Pop over to his blog, leave him an encouraging comment, send him an email.
He will heal.
But for now there is the anguish and the grieving.
For my encouragement to Denis,

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