Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Is Shenhua being loose with the truth when it says there will be no long wall mining on the Liverpool Plains?

This post follows on from this one. If you pop down to the link, you will find that Networker Watereddy (actually Bernard Eddy of the Australian Water Network) has left a comment. This comment, in my view, deserves the significance of a post of its own so that it has some prominence.

Dear Network,
Last night at a meeting in the Southern Highlands I met someone who is in a key position at Joy Mining Machinery. The company has around a 60% share of the global mining equipment market. Their speciality: long wall mining equipment.

One of their biggest customers is Shenhua. The Chinese company has recently made a number of big figure purchases in Australia. If (as the rep. stated on Four Corners) they are not going to conduct any long wall activity on the Liverpool Plains, what on earth is all the gear for?

Bernard Eddy
Australian Water Network

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