Friday, 10 July 2009

Bundanoon Bans While Norlex Bottles On - 4

The pictures here and below come from here.
Please take the lessons there on board.

Everyone's favourite Networker, Denis of The Nature of Robertson,
is still on the trail of the goings on in Bundanoon.


The old legal maxim "cui bono?" - who benefits? -
has been proven to be an accurate guide to following this story.

You may recall that I wrote in my Blog report of the meeting:
However, I am unclear why the organisers specifically restricted the motion to "still water (only)". The logic behind that distinction eludes me. It smacks of a private deal having been arranged on the side, to not campaign against carbonated mineral waters. If so, it is doubly ironic in view of the supposed concern about the "carbon footprint" of bottled water. Surely "carbonated waters" are doubly undesirable?

Those words were unfortunately prophetic.
It has subsequently transpired that the Bottled Water industry
has arranged to sell huge quantities of
sparking mineral water in glass bottles to the shops and hotel
in Bundanoon.
It should be named "Hypocrisy in a Bottle".
How does this outcome help the Environment?
Water will still be extracted from the Aquifers of Australia -
possibly including Bundanoon's own.
Glass bottles are even heavier to transport -
thus requiring more fossil fuel to transport it around.


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