Thursday, 9 July 2009

Bundanoon Bans While Norlex Bottles On - 2

I wonder what they pay Geoff Parker who heads up the Australasian Bottled Water Institute. He has been on Radio National's Breakfast this morning (at time of writing no link to this section of the program - hope it comes up for you, dear Networker, during the day) spruiking for bottled water and against last night's decision at Bundanoon.

Geoff's debating skills would be flat out cutting the mustard in high school competition. Significant points Geoff made were:
  • In response to a question regarding the fact that water was being taken from Bundanoon and then returned back to the town for sale, Geoff said that it was like mining. There had to be value added before it could be returned. Ah, Geoff. Clearly you have not heard the description of Australia that says: "If it moves, shoot it. If it stands still, mine it." You see, Geoff, this is just what your members are doing - MINING. They are mining a common good of great social significance and an essential for life, and profiteering from their actions.

  • Geoff went on to point out the value of bottled water in hydration and how he, as a thoughtful and caring father, ensured that he bought water for his children when they were out and about. Ah, Geoff. What humanitarians you and your members are! How did we ever manage without you all? How did we ever meet our hydration needs on the go before bottled water? How long have humans been on this planet? How long have we been drinking water? How long have your members been bottling the stuff?

I have included a few gift suggestions - ancient, modern, and innovative - for early Christmas shopping, Geoff. Do your kids a favour, Geoff. Teach them to think outside the square - well, the bottle anyway!


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