Saturday, 11 July 2009

Cry Me a River - on the road and on the river to Melbourne

Yesterday was the beginning of a very special and important project: Cry Me a River - a Journey on the Murray. In the picture above are:
Steve is famous for his trip down the Darling and, from the Darling's junction with the Murray, across to the mouth of the Murray by kayak - a kayak with wheels for when the water runs out.
The trip is recorded in his book Cry Me a River.

We met at the Victorian Women's Trust to plan a trip on the Murray travelling upstream in the kayak with wheels from Echuca. He will conclude the trip by kayaking down the Yarra River to Melbourne. The trip will include major rallies and - if it is possible - talks to schools. Dates are not yet set in concrete but we are working around an early to mid-August start date. The journey will take approximately ten to fourteen days. We are looking for all sorts of skills from those who can accompany Steve on land for the journey; journey co-ordination; media facilitation; web facilitation; community facilitation - and then some.

You will hear more of this - but please mark your diaries.

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