Friday, 2 July 2010

The New Way Summit - Melbourne 1 - 4 July 2010 : Day 1 - An introduction to sovereignty

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This is a quick intro to Day 1 of the New Way Summit.  Yesterday's program was held at the Kangan Institute Indigenous Education Centre.  Hat Tip to Lincoln, the Director, and his staff for their hospitality.  Lincoln's pic is in the top right hand corner.  Bottom right hand corner is Sharon Firebrace, Convenor.  Excellent organiser ably assisted by Cheryl Kaulfuss.  Left bottom is my Facebook friend from Alice Springs, Diana Haywood Rankine.  So great to touch base. Above her is Sue Charles Rankine.  Lots of experience there and not afraid to speak it out.  Top Centre - Professor Lisa Thorpe, Early Childhood Education expert, and Allison (will have to get her name to-day).  Middle rightabove Sharon is Michael Anderson.  We heard plenty from Michael and needed to because of his wealth of experience and his plans and hopes that can be implemented.  The Nigerian High Commissioner was there and he gave us valuable insights into the decolonization process in Nigeria and other African states.

Please go to the click through picture at the top of the sidebar and you will get the full program.  Please come.  It is a great learning experience and it kicks off at Trades Hall, Lygon Street, Carlton to-day.

Oh - and how marvellous to catch up with the Larrakia Mob from Darwin.  They are keen.

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