Saturday, 24 July 2010

Indian skin lightening - whitewash hogwash?

In his book, Inhaling the Mahatma, Christopher Kremmer describes advertisements in the Indian media for brides which specified fairness of skin.  He is not the only one to comment on this penchant of Indians for fairer and fairer skin.  Back in 2007, Inner Reflections Transcribed remarked on this attitude and described the products used to produce the desired result.

Now I find out from Just Act and, that Unilever is capitalising on this deeply held desire on the sub-continent with a specifically India-targetted Facebook app. advertising their own line of skin-lightening products.

Indians in Australia have been quick to raise the racist flag where they consider it appropriate.  Perhaps they ought to address the problems of caste and colour in their own nation first and then their credibility would be more firmly established, wouldn't you think, Networkers?

And if you want to have your say on this matter, Networkers, there are a couple of options.
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