Sunday, 11 July 2010

AUSTRALIA AND OIL RIGS - Are we gung ho, care-less, or unable to say no to the resource buccaneers?

It seems time - or even past time - 
when Australians should become alarmed, very alarmed!

How much do we have to wreck before we stop!
But then when we have wrecked so much, we can't stop -
even if we wished.
It's like being into the loan shark or having a gambling addiction,
the time to say no or change course is in the beginning.
If not done in the beginning, 
the carnage and destruction is guaranteed.
Look at the video above.
Did the USA learn?
So many of those rusting old oil rigs are still in situ.

How and when did the BP Deepwater disaster become inevitable?
My best guess is - Long ago.

Hat Tip to Fire Earth for the photo -
including a graphic of large areas of exploration.

does not seem to have impacted the Australian consciousness
to any great degree.

And this week we have news that 
the Federal Government has given the green light 
for oil companies to start drilling off 
one of Australia’s most pristine and popular coastlines -
namely the Margaret River region.

Now I am no environmental lawyer or decision-maker,
but it has always seemed to me 
- correct me if I am wrong, Networkers -
that there is no transparent process
at state or national level
whereby true resource assessment including values
is investigated for our land, water, air and sea use.

already carries a huge investment in relation 
to the tourism and wine industries
as well as a specific cultural heritage.
What assessment has been made 
of the impact of oil and gas exploration and development
on these industries,
on that culture.

One can't look for special treatments
by saying  it is all happening
off shore and won't interfere
with what exists on shore.
Not while people are scraping oily sand off the beaches
on America's Gulf Coast

Mmmm..........think about Margaret River.
Think of Shane Gould  in all that muck
and the surfers who love clean waters & clean beaches.
And think that perhaps hearts and spirits
desecrated by greed and hubris
don't think twice about spreading that greed and hubris
into our beautiful environment.

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