Saturday, 31 July 2010

The gall bladders of public figures

My mate Denis from The Nature of Robertson lets off political steam on his blog, The Body Politic.

This morning he has posted on the genre of the body politic about Kevin Rudd's gall bladder operation.  BTW it must be the season for public figures and their gall bladders, coz Chrissy Nixon has been hospitalised too recently.  And since things have a habit of happening in threes, who will be the third public figure.

Anyway, Networkers, pop over here for references to gall bladders and pancreatitis and bile and assorted matters in The Body Politic.

And I don't mean to be morbid but the topic of public figures and their assorted gall bladders got into my head and I googled politician gall bladder and turned up an interesting site.  Over at The Political Graveyard there is a whole list of politicians who have died of gallbladder ailments.  Talk about things you didn't know and forgot to ask your mother!

And I have just discovered another thing.  You might not need surgery!  If you grab hold of this li'l ol' e-book you can find out how to pass your gall stones naturally!  But does it hurt, I ask.  Does it depend on how big they are!  Ooh, the thought!

Public figures on foreign shores who have taken their gall bladders to surgery in 2010 include Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian President, andJohn Murtha, American Congress Representative (died of complications).  Miss Eagle invites notifications for addition to this tiny list.

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